This summer you will wear white

Beautiful woman in white dress hat with bouquet of flowers on meadow, in sunset

The world of fashion is often seen as a colorful world, but the color white is a color that has made waves in the industry. From the Oscars’ all-white dresses to Coachella’s simple white tank tops, the color white is here to stay.
This summer, add some white to your wardrobe for a fun and refreshing chic. The white color is a versatile color that goes well with everything, and also absorbs the sun’s rays the least – so it is very suitable for the Israeli summer.

Why do we love white clothes so much?
There are so many ways to wear white. Because you can easily match white clothes with other colors, they are simply a must-have item in any fashionable wardrobe.
Especially in the summer, it would be wise for you to dress in light colors – white, off-white, and cream. This is because white clothes reflect light and absorb less of the sun’s rays, keeping you cooler in the hot summer weather.
Not only that, in some settings white clothes make you look more professional and confident. Some women say that the color white symbolizes something clean for them, and when they wear white they feel fresher and cleaner.

So how will you wear white this summer?
A few options that we think can sit great on you:
White on white – the global trend of wearing only white, or different shades of white. Yes, it’s bold and can be a little tricky, but when done right, it looks amazing.
White & jeans – a classic and simple combination that always looks good. Perfect for a full day out, work, or a casual outing.
Black on white – most of us dress in black on white, it just comes naturally – the breaking of the colors adds a lot of chics.
White and gold – a luxurious, glamorous combination that attracts the eye. Suitable for outings or events.

In conclusion
White is a recommended color for many fashionistas because it is classic, summery, and easy to match with the rest of the clothes in the closet. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something to wear to a wedding or just to go out with friends, you can combine it with almost anything and get yourself the perfect look.

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