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There is no doubt that the technology industry is booming. From startups to established companies, those with the right skills have many opportunities. If you also want to enter the high-tech world and enjoy the best working conditions in the Israeli economy, you are not alone. But what if you are not a programmer or have a background in the field? Is it still possible to “get a foot in the door?” We believe so, and there are also some things you can do to increase your chances.

Here are some tips to help you get started:
Research the industry. Take some time to learn about the different aspects of the high-tech world. Through research and reading, you will better understand the opportunities, the roles, and the skills they require, and understand where you are best suited to fit in. Try to identify the high-tech field that speaks to you the most. Whether it’s software development, hardware engineering, or something else entirely, try to focus on one specific direction.

Consider retraining or taking courses. If you are serious about entering high-tech, you will probably have to invest in some education or training. There are many online courses, Bootcamp colleges, and other educational institutions that teach the skills required to work in high-tech.

Don’t forget the power of social media. Many high-tech companies use social media to find and screen potential candidates. That’s why you should create a full and strong profile for yourself on LinkedIn and other platforms to showcase your expertise and connect with potential employers. Make sure your resume is up to date and highlights your skills and experience and that your photo compliments you.

Don’t be afraid to network. Talk to your friends and acquaintances to see if anyone knows someone who can help you find a high-tech job. Connect with people from the field, come to open events in the industry, and don’t be afraid to say that you want to go beyond high-tech.

Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom. Many hi-tech companies are happy to hire employees in junior positions even if they have no previous experience.

These were some tips that we hope will help you enter the high-tech world. Remember: high-tech companies are always looking for talented employees who will help them overtake their competitors. Therefore, with a little research and effort, and a willingness to invest and learn, you too can screw in.

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