Manage income-expenses in your household in a smarter way

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Do you also feel that the money is slipping out of your hands? Have you reached the end of the month again and discovered that you are in the red? You feel guilt, and pressure and maybe even avoid entering the application.
Then you promise yourself that from now on you will start paying attention to your money. Swear that from now on it will be different and make sure to manage an orderly budget. You start with full power, but after a few weeks, everything repeats itself. You didn’t learn anything. You didn’t save anything.

It is also possible otherwise
To manage household income and expenses in a smart way, it is important to observe the following:

Expense tracking. If you record all your expenses, you will know where the money goes. You can do it the simple way with a page and paper, write notes on the phone or use a dedicated appliqué for budget management. Tracking your expenses will help you see where you can cut back and where you can save money.

Savings standing order. Define a monthly deposit for savings and treat it as a fixed “expense”. Try to accustom yourself to saving as automatically as possible – what we are used to is easier for us. You can set up the savings deposit through your banker or through your bank’s app.

Always look for ways to save money. You can use coupons, a credit card that gives discounts, buy in bulk and also negotiate better mobile and internet rates. Get rid of unnecessary credit cards. Before you buy something, check with family or friends – maybe they have such an item that they don’t need.

Consolidate loans into one loan. If you have several loans with different terms, it may be worth combining them into one loan with a more affordable interest rate. Non-bank loans are known for their high fees, and in some cases, a new loan will allow better terms, either in interest or in the spread of the payments.

The first step to saving starts here
There are companies that help families just like you to conduct themselves financially, according to your goals and personal budget. We can meet for a one-time meeting where you will receive comprehensive professional help, or accompany you over a period of time and support you. Because the time has come for your family to have financial strength.

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